well, this time we went to Penang. yayyy. and i guess this third trip was the most challenging trip ever! yayyy. nuh-huh. why? idk how to explain but basically theres problem with the car we rented and the weather... oh god, sampai banjir kot!

but then, i must say it was unforgettable memories! we had a lots and lots of good laughs, and had a nice time catching up, andand as usual we sempat played our tradition games (silent killer). we went to some places, eat a lot of foods, and checked in at the coolest apartment ever! so, fair enough, i guess?







13-15 Sept 2017

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oh, additional, what exactly happened to us was quite similar to this story.

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nak baca version lain, head to blog syami and he also uploaded a  video . of. us.

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i should post entry like this more often okbye

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first trip >> jb
second trip >> pd