okay, lets talk about relationship.

how old are you? 21 years old this december

are you a lesbian? nope. 

do you have a boyfriend? honestly, no. 

have you ever been in a relationship before? no, not once.

seriously, i'm happy with my life. i got family and friends who always love me.

then, why on earth would i need a boyfriend?

yah, i don't get myself either

everyone else is off falling in love and acting stupid and goofy and sweet and insane, but not me.

for me, if its not for a long-hold then don't waste time. 

ain't got no time for that. 

woooo hold on, wait, stop. stop right there

bit offensive aite?

tbh, i'm not being judgmental or prejudice or whatever

relationship is all about commitment, mayn 

and i hate that part.


alright, that's it. PEACE!

Thoughts : 8:36am

It so awkward when both of your bestfriend have crush on the same person, you know

One-boy-two-girls situation right there

Compete w each other



How am i gonna deal w this?!

Aku ke yang selfish?!

Mungkin aku jadi sikit paranoid sbb kau yang paling rapat dengan aku. Mungkin sebab situation sekarang. Mungkin sebab aku tak faham orang bercinta ni macamana. Aku takde experience benda tu. Sorry. Aku tak layak cakap pasal love thing ni semua. Atau mungkin aku tak boleh terima hakikat kau nak jauh dengan aku lepasni. I dont know! Please jangan cakap aku tak faham kau. Aku faham kau more than anyone else. But tadi... haih. I feel like shit rn. 

Thoughts : 3:38am

Keluar lepak huhahuha


And as usual, call akak untuk catch up everything

Happy ^square

Unusual, crush yang diberi nama Gorgeous voice notes, 
"Hi Fifyyy. Hi! Ni Gorgeous hahaha"

Happy ^cube

Almost buat kenduri kesyukuran.