morning person

aku memang bukan morning person. seriously. aku boleh tidur at 4am or lepas subuh and akan bangun of course tengahari paling lambat pkl 3. betapa pemalasnya aku nak hadap pagi haha! but idk sepanjang study week and final week aku maybe dah biasa bangun pagi study subuh tu and tidur pun pkl 9am and bangun balik tghari study. and macam melekat that tidur routine. sangat lah tak percaya dengan diri sendiri yang sekarang ni aku transform jadi morning person. siap addict nak breakfast lagi! incredible fy. dulu, asal amik breakfast je tengahri tu mesti lembik semacam. tapi skrg kalau tak amik breakfast murung sehari. this is a good habit kan? mintak mintak lah kekal! oh yeahhhhh

two k one seven

hello 2k17!!!

happy new year readers! (better late than never right?)

i did not post anything last month since i was too busy with my final examination and stuff. (tomorrow is my last paper and right now i am not in the mood to study haha!) but, believe me i do write sometimes unfortunately i never finished em. so i saved it as drafts (plural). ugh

okay lets recap. so 2016 has been a great year. highlight of the year was; i managed to complete my diploma and currently studying for a degree. and i went to Sydney with my family and a couple other places with my friends. plus i had really amazing birthday celebration, last month, from family and friends eventhough they did not throw a big suprise birthday party for me, but still as i remembered last year for the first time i got three suprises... in a week! thats really sweet! really appreciate it. thank you so much for made my day either happy or worse, whoever you are, thank you!!

and just so you know life is not always rainbows and butterflies. as a normal human being, i made a lot of mistakes. and i always wanted to forget everything i did wrong (especially over my stupidness behaviour) and move on. also i wished i could apologize to everyone ergh why is it so hard to apologize?! this ego is killing me! (what a drama queen). if you ever reach this point, congratulations on wasting your time reading this rubbish! and i would like to take this opportunity to say i am truly sorry if i ever wrote that might be offensive to you i really didn't mean to :) peace.

oh new year resolutions. well, again, nothing.

have a nice day folks!