thoughts : 3:21am

jauhhh sudut hati yang paling dalam 

aku nak quit.

i like him...

because :

1) he listened 
2) he understanding 
3) he matured enuf
4) has calm personality 
5) smart
6) fair-skinned
7) gentleman 
8) got own style
9) pandai cari duit! 

eventho :

1) not funny
2) pendek! 
3) halaa kurus keciknya badan
4) young!
5) tak solat
6) and... got gf 


thanks for humiliating me!

yes, aku kata aku tak marah.

and i meant it.

why? bc i did not read those things. masatu.

but yesterday, when she asked me... i froze...

why? bc aku malu!

it was so embarrassed that i want to die!

and yes, now i am mad.

and i mean it.

thoughts : 1:01am

i cannot forget bout em





this is so disturbinggggg

bukan tanak mengaku.

setan dah takde, dan aku masih malas. 

tapi aku bukan pemalas.