Salah send

oh so now we're playing the "salah send" game aren't we? you know what, fuck you. aku tahu kau ada girlfriend. this is not jealous but i am fuckin annoyed. plus, you don't even save my number bro so silap send apebenda?! okay maybe aku yang text kau dulu tapi tu pun just wish birthday plus because i know kita akan jumpa lagi. make it simple, i'm just being nice and acting normal and make it less awkward ok. but kau texted aku lagi few days after. adoi. what the hell you want actually? a revenge? for what? ohhhh utk aku sebab stopped texting kau all of sudden dulu. betul? again, fuck you. for the record, aku makin annoyed.

goodluck kepada girlfriend baru.

p/s : kalau dia baca, its fuckin awesome. kalau tak, its fuckin awesome. heh

thats life, man

you're getting older your life getting tougher and your body went to shit and you've got no time for yourself or to work out and you busy make money or always thinking how to make more money because everything is super expensive that you can't afford a starbucks anymore andand you've to deal with shitty people who ruined your mood, well, most of the time and everyone is leaving you, pushing you away and you become moody mad annoying af every single day and then the magic happened when the next day all you know is the goddamn world literally hates you.

okay I'm done.

thoughts : 1:56am

im a useless person 

i really am