Tittle entry yg paling cliche every new year which is, Azam. Ya, too long. Yah bcs its cliche dhaa

Well its 2015 already. How time flies so fast! Its feel like "baru-je-semalam" im wishing happy 2014 haha

Oh and it means im turning twenty years old!

Omgosh *cubit pipi* ok sakit

Totally not dreaming. Blergh. I just turns 19 about 20 days ago , well , technically. Hm.

Anyway why bother?!

Seriously until now i still cant figure what exactly my intention to make on this year. Idk dude. Maybe lose some weight stop eating junk foods be fits targeting deans list every semester and pray to Allah more often. Hmmm hehe well that was all actually my daily-goals. But of course too many excuses so still working on it huh well..

But then again i think i should deal with what i have instead of adding a new intention that probably akan tinggal harapan jea. So i was thinking why not just put some improvement that would make things better , kan? InsyaAllah.

So .... yeah
Happy New Year ! :)