So long, instagram.

Few days ago, i really want to shut down my instagram. So bad. 

Instagram is like part of my social life.

Everything to me, i might add.

I don't know why. 

I don't know why so sudden i felt annoyed with all those people, comments, and etc.

I don't know why i hate when i was too picky to pick which picture with all those filters looks better 

I don't know why that excitement to upload and share pictures had gone. 

I don't know why i felt i just too tired to entertain people. 

Where those feelings came from?

No idea. 

Since i left my laptop i postponed my "niat" for like 5 days i guess

Soooo today it was officially closed.

Have no regret at all. For now only, i supposed.

Future, can't really tell hehe!

And this was taken the other day. Untuk kenangan, katanya.